Delta Reign: Bluegrass with a Twist

Delta Reign, from the Mobile River Delta region of the Gulf Coast, is bringing a fresh new sound to bluegrass by incorporating swing rhythms, blues and a dash of jazz.

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Calm Before The Storm is Delta Reign’s debut album on the Mountain Fever Records label. The album is a finely crafted project of twelve songs that offers listeners a virtual ride through the musical countryside of Alabama’s Mobile River delta region of the Gulf Coast.

With a new album, favorable reviews in Bluegrass Unlimited and Bluegrass Music Profiles magazines, other press and publications, and radio airplay, the band is poised to make its mark on the bluegrass genre.

Delta Reign has shared the stage with various artists including Marty Raybon and Claire Lynch, has performed with Charlie McCoy, and worked with the Mobile Opera and the Mobile Symphony in the historic Mobile Saenger Theater.

“To my ear, the mix of Earl Scruggs banjo licks with Texas-style guitar is irresistible. It invariably makes me smile. …Delta Reign’s music falls neatly into the bluegrass and American genres, and should find an eager audience among those who listen.” — John Lawless, Bluegrass Today

“Delta Reign was a smashing hit with the Roots Reunion audience. Their ‘delta style’ bluegrass was a refreshing change to an audience quite accustomed to hearing bluegrass.” — Dr. Curtis Austin, after performing for a packed Saenger theatre for USM “Roots Reunion” in Hattiesburg, MS.

“Delta Reign blended bluegrass with smooth swing and a jam band vibe that was completely at home on the Thacker Mountain stage. Delta Reign combines fine picking chops with vocal harmonies that are as sweet and true as a shot of moonshine down on the levee…” — Jim Dees, host, Thacker Mountain Radio, Oxford, MS

“At Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion, we book a lot of acts from many genre’s. Delta Reign performs their new songs and make them feel like they’ve always been around and then the perform an old song and make it feel new. They left our attendees wanting more. . .” –Lary Gorley, promoter, Birstol Rhythm & Roots

“I just love this group Delta Reign. They are very exciting and I was captured when I first heard them. They bring a great sound to add to the library of good Bluegrass music… and there is always room on my playlists for Delta Reign.”–Grace Muldoon of Radio


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