Rich Wyman
Vocalist with 10 ASCAP Awards

A powerful and passionate performer, Rich Wyman energizes his audiences through commanding performances as a keyboardist and vocalist.

Rich’s performances have been described as a combination of Billy Joel, Elton John and Phil Collins. Eddie Van Halen and Andy Johns, engineer of Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones fame, helped Rich produce his second album, Fatherless Child.

His next album produced two TOP 40 Hits, resulting in dozens of tours, TV and radio appearances as well as concerts, including Park Pop in The Hague for over 350,000 people. He opened for the Goo Goo Dolls and Alanis Morisette on the medals plaza stage at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

An acclaimed music producer and film composer, Rich followed that release with his popular CD, Embrace. Rich has received 10 ASCAP Awards for his music. ASCAP also mentioned his powerful song with accompanying video, entitled Guantanamo. He also won the 2008 Silver Medal for Excellence in a Performance Film for his DVD/CD combo, Embrace, at the Park City Film Music Festival held during the Sundance Film Festival.

Having toured extensively throughout the United States, Ireland, Holland, the United Kingdom and Australia, Rich has impressed audiences of all ages and backgrounds throughout the world. Recently releasing his 8th CD, 100 Years, his music encompasses a variety of musical styles, ranging from beautiful love ballads through motivational political songs promoting peace to powerful rock music. Rich Wyman has a strong voice that blends pop/rock songs with piano driven melodies–carrying true emotions to the hearts of his listeners.

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