The Voetberg Family Band

Powered by two national fiddle champions, a west coast flat-picking champion and 10 state fiddle championships, The Voetberg Family Band comprises 8 siblings, ranging in age from 13 to 25 who perform Irish, Scottish, American, Swing, Jazz and classical music.

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Coached by several world-class musicians, including Grammy winners Floyd Domino and Chris Booher, The Voetberg Family Band transitions gracefully from blissful vocal arrangements to power-house instrumentals, demonstrating the polish achieved from more than eight years of performing experience with violins, cello, bass, piano, drums and vocals

Their show displays a cohesive variety of musical styles and a developed musicianship beyond their years. As classically trained musicians, each band member displays unique versatility while remaining technically sound on their instrument. The Voetberg Family performs original Indie/Folk music as well as traditional folk music creating a sound similar to The Avett Brothers with sisters and Mumford and Sons with daughters.

For years we’ve enjoyed this highly talented musical family. Whether it’s two playing for a small event, or the whole family, every performance is an extraordinary mix of beautiful harmony and virtuosity.”–John Panesko – Radio Talk Show Host and Chairman of Lewis County Concerts’ Artist Selection Committee

To say that the Voetberg family is unique, wonderful, talented, entertaining, and a joy is to not quite do them justice.” – Floyd Domino – two time Grammy award winning pianist

Regional radio network KACS-KACW is pleased to have a strong supportive relationship with The Voetberg Family band, including them in our concert series and playing several selections from their recordings in our regular play list. They continue to have strong appeal to our audiences, and a powerful message backed up with consummate skills as performers. We’re honored to include, know and promote them.“–Cameron Beierle – Station Manager

The Voetbergs continue to inspire me with their incredible talents. They are great entertainers and express a love of music and life joyfully and passionately. For both their music AND personalities, they are my favorite family band of all time.“–Hanneke Cassel – U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion and performing artist.



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