Steel Drum: Artist in Schools

Recording Artist, writer and composer Mickey is a featured performer in a number of documentaries explaining the history, playing techniques and musical applications of the steel drums. A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Mickey has performed concerts with the steel drums nationally and internationally.

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Mickey Mills is an exciting, energetic, multi-talented entertainer par excellence.  He is a vocalist, songwriter and steel drum player, who has been called “the fastest steel drum soloist on Earth”.  As an approved Artist in the Schools for Wake, Durham, Orange and Johnston Counties of North Carolina, Mickey offers an educational program entitled Steel-A-Rama, which has been presented in many school systems on the East Coast.

This program is loved by children and highly regarded by scholars as a great exposure to the culture surrounding the Trinidadian steel drums. 


Steel and Djembe: A Festival of Drums and Percussion: (Gr. K-12) This high-energy, collaborative performance weaves together the African and Caribbean cultures through stories, music, sing-a-longs, and rhythm participation. Through the performance, students gain an understanding of and appreciation for the interplay of history, music, culture and the work performed in the rice fields of West Africa as well as the cane fields of the Caribbean.  Master drummers, Mickey Mills and Braima Moiwai, demonstrate steel and djembe drumming techniques, call and response interactions, cultural songs, traditional stories and Limbo Dance with audience participation followed by a question and answer period.

Mini-Carnival: (Gr. K-12) Students dance, sing and clap to Mickey Mills and his Steel Drum Band as they learn the traditions and experience the music of other cultures. This performance is especially appropriate for celebrations, festivals, field days and assemblies.


Island In The Sun: (Gr. 2-6) Explore the world of Trinidad and the Caribbean Islands in this interactive workshop during which students will play Caribbean games, listen to legendary tales, perform traditional stories, sing island songs, learn hand drum techniques and practice shango dancing –all while learning the rich history of the Caribbean Islands.


Steel-A-Rama: (Gr. K-12) This residency brings the history, traditions and culture of the Caribbean islands to life by re-creating the atmosphere of the islands through the popular music of the steel drum. Students will learn the history, traditions, construction and drumming techniques of the steel drum. This lively residency culminates in a mini-carnival the students will remember!


Mickey Mills & Steel: Four to five piece Steel Drum Band will provide a joyful, island atmosphere for your festival, fair, celebration or community event.

Born and raised in Port-of-Spain Trinidad, West Indies, Mickey first started playing the steel drums at the age of 12 as a soloist with the Solo Harmonite Steel Orchestra in Trinidad.  In 1970 he moved to New York where he worked with artists such as Mick Jagger, Ralph McDonald, The Mighty Sparrow, Johnny Mathis and Lord Kitchener.  Mickey, who cites Bob Marley as one of his major influences, is no stranger to such well known New York establishments as The Village Gate and Madison Square Garden

In addition to his appearances on stage with Mick Jagger, Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney, he performed in the off-Broadway show, The House of Flowers, and in the television show, Matlock.

In the Raleigh, NC area,  Mickey performs at the Raleigh Convention Center, Governor’s Club, Time Warner Cable Pavilion at Walnut Creek and at various country clubs and other venues.  He often appears as one of the showcase attractions at local festivals and fairs that want to create a joyful, island theme for their event.

Mickey combines Authentic Trinidadian music with Reggae, Calypso, Soca and other rhythmic grooves.  Mickey can perform as a vocalist accompanying himself on a combination of steel drums and synthesizer.  He is also available to perform with his four to five piece Steel Drum Band, Mickey Mills & Steel. 

Whether performing solo, duo or with his full band, Steel, Mickey Mills delivers the true flavor and vibe of island rhythms, which turn any festival, fair, summer party, clam bake, wedding or corporate event into a unique and festive event!

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