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Music enriches the lives of everyone …especially the elderly.  Music often evokes fond memories associated with a particular song or type of music.  When hiring a musician or band for your Retirement Community, it is important to find an entertainer who can relate or interact with the residents.

Patrice Kaluza, the Director of SeaSoundStudio Entertainment has been entertaining seniors since the age of 9.  She knows from her personal experience the best approaches to not only entertaining seniors but to involve the Seniors in her musical performances.  She incorporates music therapy into her shows and involves the residents vocally and musically in her performance with the use of auxiliary musical instruments that she brings to every performance.

Residents often comment that they feel rejuvenated and energized by her musical performances and frequently ask her not to stop.  “They just come alive when you are here!” proclaimed the Program Director of one Retirement Home in the Raleigh area.  “We love the energy and enthusiasm that you give to our residents” stated another Program Director.



Music is a vital link to Seniors\’ lives, and many of their most memorable moments can be associated with music.  The magical transformation in the energy levels of Seniors that is caused by music can occur only if the musicians satisfy three important requirements:

  • Play music that was popular with the Seniors\’ generation;
  • Engage the Seniors in the musical performance in some way.
  • Select music that invokes positive feelings.

Involving the Seniors in the musical performance can take many forms depending upon their dexterity and mental alertness:

  • Singing
  • Talking about past memories, including memory games
  • Physical interaction by playing simple percussion instruments
  • Simple Dancing
  • Performers engaging seniors in conversation after the performance

Immersing the Seniors through this multi-dimensional approach allows the music to enrich their lives, stimulate their minds, energize their bodies, and invigorate their spirits–an experience they will cherish and remember forever.


Senior Communities have discovered that celebrations of Holidays and other important events during the years provide residents with a sense of continuity from their formerly private lives.  Entertainment makes the transition to living in a retirement community more pleasant for all residents.  For some residents who seek greater social interaction and mental stimulation, the ready availability of quality entertainment can be a deciding factor when selecting a retirement community.

Music therapy is often utilized with elderly persons in more sophisticated retirement communities to increase or maintain their level of physical, mental and social/emotional functioning.  The sensory and intellectual stimulation of music can help maintain a person\’s quality of life.


Senior Communities have learned that most Seniors prefer entertainment with a Holiday Theme, whether the event takes the form of a picnic, musical performance or dinner/dance.  Contact SeaSoundStudio Entertainment for information about performers who have designed musical programs specifically for Senior Communities.  These performers have received rave reviews from the residents of several Senior Communities in the area for programs with the following themes.

New Year\’s Eve/ Day
Mother\’s Day
Grandparent\’s Day
Valentine\’s Day
Father\’s Day
St. Patrick\’s Day
Memorial Day
Veteran\’s Day
Fourth of July
Spring Fling
Labor Day

Additional themes that could be motivating for Seniors are the following:  Family Day; Golden Oldies (20\’s,30\’s,40\’s); Prom Night; Sadie Hawkins Dance; or Sock Hop (50\’s, 60\’s).  For additional information about the keyboardist and vocalist in these programs, go to J. Patrice Kaluza\’s Page, and for more information about the string player who often accompanies Patrice in these programs, go to our Country & Bluegrass Artists Page. For further information about the band that frequently plays at Retirement Homes, go to Lady & The Tramps\’ Page.

To create a sense of personal attention, consider a roving magician or strolling musicians from our Specialty Artists Page who will move from table to table in the dining hall or from room to room, if required.

General Musical Entertainment

In addition to these performers who have developed programs specifically for Senior Communities, SeaSoundStudio Entertainment has many different types of ensembles from which you can choose depending upon the atmosphere you wish to create for your event.  Go to the Classical Artists Page for a description of the classical ensembles and classical artists from whom you can choose, including string quartet, string trio, string duo, woodwind and string duo, harp and string/woodwind duo, or simply a solo instrument such as a solo violin, piano, guitar or harp. Go to the Jazz & Bluegrass Page for a description of the jazz ensembles and jazz artists from whom you can select the ideal entertainers for your event. With the same versatility as their classical counterparts, SeaSoundStudio Entertainment\’s jazz ensembles can be arranged and combined to best fit your retirement community\’s musical needs and budget.

To create a country theme with its musical roots in North Carolina, Tennessee and South Carolina, select one of the artists from our Country & Bluegrass Page to play Mountain Music, traditional Country Music or Bluegrass music.  If you are seeking nationally recognized artists, read the bios and listen to the music of Country Legend Ava Barber.

Regional and National Entertainers

If you are seeking a program that will thrill your residents and establish your reputation in the community as the preferred retirement community, consider booking a Vocal Impressionist who can bring the favorite musical stars of all your residents directly to your retirement community–Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Jimmy Durante, Louis Armstrong, Al Jolson, Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis and many of the other greatest vocalists of all time. For more information on the incredible vocal impersonator, Eric Kearns, go to our Eric Kearns Page. As a solo act or with accompaniment from Lady & The Tramps, this show can fit within the entertainment budgets of many retirement communities, particularly if the event can be coordinated with other performances in the area by Eric Kearns.

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