Most Talented DJ in Raleigh-Durham-RTP

Almost any DJ can play your favorite songs.  Many DJ’s provide a light show, and the best can engage those at your event through spirited antics.  Rockin’ DJ KONGLO does all this . . . and much more!

DJ KONGLO plays each song in a way that immerses you in a total multimedia experience.  Using 3D volumetric lasers to project holographic images above the crowd and layers of immiscible oil on plexiglass discs to create a psychedelic sea of colors onscreen, he creates a state-of-the-art light show that not only reinforces your chosen music–it brings your music to life and ultimately immerses your audience in the moment.

Seek the multi-sensational experience of DJ KONGLO.

See! Hear! Taste! Feel! the muzac of KONGLO

Impressive?  Yes!  But that’s not all!  DJ KONGLO can play some of his original electronic and dance music that has gained fans and devotees around the world.

Looking for the ultimate experience that will raise your event above all others?  Ask DJ KONGLO to mix in to his show a live rendition of  some of his vocal beat-boxing routines that he has perfected through numerous a cappella competitions since his college days.

The result . . . a live performance that is much more than a talented DJ playing your favorite songs.  Book the most talented DJ in Raleigh-Durham-RTP today . . . if you are lucky enough that he is still available for the date of your event!

DJ KONGLO performs at weddings, corporate events, festivals, fairs and other special events.  DJ KONGLO will “dress to impress”–everything from formal to informal to crazy!

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