Gladius: Master of Baroque-Ethnic-Fusion on Guitar

Overcoming crippling nerve damage, Gladius defines courage as an individual, innovation as a composer and mastery as an instrumentalist, pushing the boundaries of his Baroque-Ethnic-Metal fusion.

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In an era when expertise and originality are often overlooked in lieu of fleeting flash and flare, Gladius defines innovation as a composer and mastery as an instrumentalist.

Inspired by the great classical composers (Vivaldi), Spanish flamenco legends (Paco De Lucia), and melodic metal masters (Marty Friedman and Jason Becker), Gladius is perpetually pushing the boundaries of his Baroque-Ethnic-Metal fusion.

Just a few short years ago however, it appeared the guitarist’s career might have been finished before it ever started. A mysterious medical condition manifested its symptoms literally overnight. On June 14th 2005, while studying classical guitar at Georgia State University’s School of Music under professor John Sutherland, the aspiring virtuoso suddenly suffered from a rather crippling case of nerve damage, greatly hindering the sensation and dexterity of both hands…

Much later, on June 14th 2011, Gladius released a triumphant studio debut, celebrating recovery and bringing this story to vivid life for a whole world of listeners to hear: Post-Operation Demonstration. This is what had to say about it:

“True 80’s Christian Metal: Progressive, yet riff-driven songs, frequent and lengthy hammering guitar solos that will melt your face… Judas Priest style vocals, Double bass drum.. It’s all there.”

After 8 years, 4 surgeries, 7000 hours of physical therapy, one drastic diet change, and countless ongoing prayers, Gladius continues releasing new albums, touring the south-east, and has won numerous composition AWARDS:

Music Composition Contest: Popular: 1st Place (October 2013) – “Flamenco Frenzy

Driven Creativity Competition: Professional Music Runner-Up (2013) – “Flamenco Frenzy

Song of the Year: Semi-Finalist (2013) – “Flamenco Frenzy “All Instrumental” Winner (December 2011) – “Jingle Bell SHOCK!



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