transit Vocal Band

Using the latest in live sound technology, transit is able to harness vocals and transform them into a high impact show that some will scarcely believe is created with only 4 voices.  Showcasing popular songs of today and their original music, transit will connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.  Combining soaring leads, smooth harmonies, and a thumping rhythm section, transit demonstrates the power, versatility, and emotion of the most natural instrument of all–the human voice!

Heart thumping bass, vocal percussion, instrument emulation, innovative arrangements, and diverse solo style come together to create an incredible show that leaves audiences speechless. With a diverse repertoire including Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Beach and Oldies, transit’s music excites audiences of all ages and backgrounds–introducing them to the unique art of a cappella (music created using only the human voice.)

All Band…No Instruments:  transit is four singers, that’s it!

Their only instruments are their natural born voices.  Everything you hear from the stage and on their studio recordings begins with the human voice.  Utilizing the latest technology they combine their vocal talents with stage and studio effects to bring their music to life and to put on a show that those who have never seen a vocal band will hardly believe.

transit draws on the combined talents of 4 extraordinary individuals who have been a part of the vocal music scene for more than ten years.  Their love for a cappella is second only to their love for music.

With a diverse repertoire of music from every decade since the 1950s, transit is sure to please any audience! Including songs by The Beatles, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, the Doobie Brothers, Maroon 5, Christina Perri and many other artists, there’s truly something for everyone!


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