Willie Nelson Tribute
Roy Hammock

For his Willie Nelson Tribute, Roy Hammock (appropriately nicknamed “Roy Willie” by his fans) received Country’s Hottest Hitter Award from The Reel Awards in Las Vegas–the Academy Awards for tribute artists. He also was the winner of the Willie Nelson Lookalike Contest.

More than a look-a-like, Roy has the stature, speaking voice, acting background and musical sound of Willie Nelson, earning him a feature in The Best of Las Vegas in 2011.

His musical performance will transport your audience to a front row seat at a concert by the country mega-star, Willie Nelson. A musical tribute that will leave your audience wondering if they can trust their eyes and ears, the show is both entertaining and musically accurate.

Roy recently completed an extended run in the Country Superstars Tribute Show at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas–a fast-paced, concert style event, featuring a world-class live band.

After several years of dedicated performances, Roy has become one of the most beloved impersonators in the Southwest, performing in many different towns, including the Country Superstars Tribute Show at the Golden Nugget that the Las Vegas Review Journal calls the Best of Las Vegas 2011. Now, Roy stars in the Country Superstars Show at the V Theater of Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Due to his decades of contributions to country music, Willie Nelson has become cemented as one of the greatest folk singers and artists of a generation. It is for these reasons that Roy decided to make a career of looking and sounding like Willie Nelson because he can relate to Willie’s background and Texas based roots that they share.

Today we are going to highlight one of the stars of the Las Vegas’ favorite homeland tribute, Roy Hammock! Roy performs tribute to Willie Nelson in a fashion you won’t find anywhere else! Having won numerous “Best Look-alike” contests, Roy has captured the essence of Willie Nelson and puts on a show too convincing to miss. But it’s not easy imitating the countries’ most beloved folk singer, Roy has put in plenty of hard work to land his role as one of the best Willie impersonators around. Having to practice long to capture the voice of Shotgun Willie himself, Hammock also has the look to go along with it.

–Blog of 2for1shows.com, Las Vegas, NV

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