The Merry Minstrels
Medieval and Renaissance Music

Available for your Medieval or Renaissance-themed wedding, fair, festival, party or reception, The Merry Minstrels perform Medieval, Renaissance and Celtic traditional music in period costumes on reproduction instruments of the period.  Their merry music includes jigs, reels, ballads, Gregorian chants, troubadour love songs and dances using harp, recorder, krumhorn, guitar, psaltery, penny whistle and hand drum.

The members of the group are Marilyn Wienand, Kirsten Vaughan and Scott Vaughan.   Marilyn has performed widely with the Ancient Instruments Ensemble of Adams State College and with the Flagstaff Early Music Ensemble. She has a beautiful celtic harp which she uses in The Merry Minstrels Ensemble. 

Kirsten and Scott are Medievalists, being very active as artistic leaders in the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-enactment group.  They are featured on the CD, “A Minstrel by Trade and a Fool in My Spare Time“, and others.


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