Tribute to Frank Sinatra

Hailed by critics because his voice, likeness, mannerisms and gracious style are reminiscent of the great Frank Sinatra, Gary has become the most requested Frank Sinatra impersonator of all time around the globe!


Gary Anthony brings “Ol’ Blue Eyes” to life in his wildly popular and memorable show, A Swinging Affair. Internationally recognized for his outstanding impersonation of Frank Sinatra, Gary has starred in TV shows as well as in commercials for Delta Airlines and the NBA as a Frank Sinatra impersonator.

Gary Anthony’s “Chairmen of the Board”

Astonish your audiences with a tribute to the “Rat Pack”–the ultimate, magical tribute to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis, Jr.  Through this Las Vegas production, experience extraordinary Gary Anthony (from Las Vegas) as Frank Sinatra, talented Andy DiMino (from Los Angeles) as Dean Martin and incomparable Louie

Velez (from New York City) as Sammy Davis Jr.–all singing, dancing and entertaining with accurate impersonations and hilarious comedy. The show can be expanded to include a Marilyn Monroe impressionist from Los Angeles.

Celebrate the incredible singing talent of these three world-famous artists in their tribute to some of the finest musical entertainment ever performed. Gary Anthony captures the stage presence and humor of “Old Blue Eyes”. Thrilling fans of Dean Martin, Andy DiMino is a dynamic, professional entertainer. Louie Velez has been captivating audiences with his tribute to Sammy Davis, Jr. since 1987, performing what many consider to be the most amazing impersonation ever seen on any stage.

Including individual performances by each of the artists, the show features segments with all three interacting on stage and closes with all three crooners singing a medley of songs. The show can be customized to fit all budgets: for an economical show, the performers sing to audio tracks; for larger shows, they can supply musical scores for piano, trio, small band or big band.

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