Operation Opera

Bringing Opera to Life for the Young Student: Journey through music history with an entertaining artist who introduces the history of Opera, performs excerpts from famous operas, teaches Italian, and describes the evolution of opera music into Musical Theater, Broadway Shows, Movies and even Television Cartoons.


Throughout this “Operation”, students and teachers will learn proper use of the voice, breathing techniques, projection and dramatic gestures.  Students will be selected to “perform” in an improvised operatic scene playing the roles of protagonist, antagonist and chorus. Students will be able to identify elements of modern opera musicals: Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and rock operas.

Students will hear excerpts from more than 10 popular operas, including Carmen, Madam Butterfly, Hansel and Gretel, Phantom of the Opera, Porgy and Bess, Die Fledermaus, the Magic Flute, Les Miserables, and Jesus Christ Superstar.  After beginning her study of piano at age 4, Patrice began vocal training at the age of 8, studying under a famous Soprano in Pennsylvania who had performed at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.  While continuing her voice training, she also learned to play guitar, organ, string bass, percussion and accordion before earning her degree in Voice and Music Education. As an educator and private music instructor for 26 years, Miss “Patrice” has taught classroom music, band and drama to grades K-12 and developed music curricula for many schools in Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina.

An approved artist for the North Carolina and Maryland Artists in the Schools Programs, she has written, designed and published teachers’ planners and drama instructional material (”Act Now!”). Theatrically, she has written and directed original plays and has performed in many leading roles for regional and community theaters as well as performing for PBS stations.


Operation: Opera (Gr. K-12): An Introduction to Opera, its Music and Composers. Through an interactive, engaging and entertaining “operation”, students will learn the origins of opera in Italy, Germany, France and England and some of the most famous composers in history:  Mozart, Vivaldi, Wagner, J. Strauss, Verdi, Puccini, Humperdinck and A.L. Webber.  Students will hear the many languages and learn the various cultures of opera through operas that are particularly appropriate for children: The Magic Flute, Carmen, Hansel & Gretel and Die Fledermaus. Proper vocal technique and ranges as well as the roles of protagonist, antagonist and chorus will be demonstrated through student participation in an entertaining operatic scene.  This show involves many interdisciplinary associations: History & Social Studies, Language Arts, Theatre Arts, Science, Music Appreciation and Performance.  Interactive participation, singing and performing with the artists is encouraged. Each program is carefully tailored to the age of the audience. Q &A session is included.

WORKSHOPS (Gr. 3-12):  Workshops expand this 50 minute program to allow students to explore the history, music, composers, languages and culture of Opera in depth. Patrice works individually with students to train them on proper vocal technique and range. She also demonstrates the various styles of Opera: opera seria, opera buffa, opera comique, bel canto opera and operetta, and motivates the students to pursue their interest in Opera and musical performances.

ARTIST IN RESIDENCY :  Patrice contacts the class sponsor prior to the date of the class to discuss the performance level and needs of the participating students so that she can design the class to meet the specific needs of the participating students. She discusses technique, pitch awareness, breath control, practice methods and other information essential for advanced vocal training.

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