Gulley/Granner: Metropolitan Opera Award Winners

Metropolitan Opera National Council Award Winners, Gulley/Granner (tenors Ben Gulley and Nathan Granner) have established themselves as top classical artists with true vocal beauty.

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With numerous critically acclaimed opera roles, competition wins, major television appearances, international tours and concert credits on their resume, operatic duo Gulley/Granner formed in 2012 after completing a national tour as a Sony Masterworks label group, The American Tenors. It was a great tour, with standing ovations in every venue.

Producing three Classical productions, performing on mini tours, including five sold out Chestnut Shows, and hitting the top in the Methodist synod with their latest CD, Gulley/Granner performances are always an event.

As producing artists, Ben and Nathan collaborate with people from multiple artistic disciplines to create shows that are operatic and entertaining. From a standard operatic repertoire through which the tenors share their classical sound to classic contemporary love songs, audiences soon realize they are experiencing something completely different than typical pop-tenor groups.

The two crack jokes, laugh and bring fans into their world while introducing audiences to historic music from 150 to 350 years old. They translate, they tell stories, they even teach key words and phrases to their audience. Gulley/Granner draws audiences in and makes them feel special.

Ben’s awards include the winner of the Hellam Young Artists’ Competition, Florida Grand Opera voice competition finalist, Richard Tucker Foundation finalist, Silver Medalist and People’s Choice Award from the Tulsa Rotary Club’s 10th Annual Crescendo Music Competition, and a finalist for the Palm Beach Opera Competition.

Nathan has performed leading roles at Opera Theatre Saint Louis, Lyric Opera of Kansas City, Wolf Trap Opera, as well as having been a featured artist with Opera Tampa, Tulsa Opera and has notable concert appearances with the Diaghilev Seasons Festival in Perm, Russia, the National Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Irish Radio Orchestra, and the Handel/Haydn Society.



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